Friday, 9 February 2007

Marc Craste & Sudoku

You may have seen the marvellous animation currently appearing on television to advertise Lloyds TSB. It features a train journey through life for its characters. The creator is Marc Craste whose 2003 animation “JoJo in the Stars” won a BAFTA in 2004 - the link to this by the way is for a 56 second clip of this atmospheric movie. But it is in commercials with his company Studio aka that he excels and here is another beauty, “The Big Win”, produced for Camelot and Lotto. I know Marc is producing commercials but the bank and lottery have financed such happy, feel-good movies. Both are delights. One of these is going to be Movie of the Week. You might also enjoy the short and rather violent Pizza Sangre or view the rather dark video he made 'Will The Summer Make Good For All Of Our Sins' for Icelandic band, Múm.

I don’t want to neglect Year 10 who are beginning to get started on their Change animations. Two scenes plucked almost at random: Patrick McArthur’s rainforest and Michael Bramhald’s dinosaurs.

Sudoku puzzles absorb lots of my free time. There surely can't be anyone left who does not know that you use logic to work out where the numbers 1-9 are situated in various lines or grids. The best site is Orangeminds Sudoku and it produces the clearest set of rules: "Sudoku is a simple puzzle game where you're given a partially filled 9x9 grid. To complete the puzzle you must fill in the grid so that there is a single instance of the digits 1-9 on each row, column and in each 3x3 subregion." Never done one before? Don't panic and believe that you're no good at maths and therefore Sudoku is not for you. Oh, and the site has some seriously scary fast times recorded. Is there any of you out there who can register a record time?

Should you choose to view one of our animations why not try Joe North's “No More Hiroshimas” , one of the finest animations produced in the school.

Meanwhile it’s half term and time for Fayrer.

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