Sunday, 25 February 2007

Ballyvaughan Story

I have just written up our eighth movie of the week for this year and Sara Pocock's story of the Irish troubles of the early part of the 20th century is an excellent choice I think. I'll have to remember to recommend it to our History department. Ballyvaughan Story is such a good movie. There is no black and white depiction of the English as being total thugs and murderers. Crimes were committed by both sides. It was wonderful watching the Irish rugby team play England for the first time at Croke Park on Saturday and observe how respectful the home crowd were to "God Save the Queen". We were rightly thrashed though, with the Irish being far superior in everything. Saturday gave us hope for the future, though not necessarily for English rugby. There's a great account of the match from the International Herald Tribune:
And back to Sara Pocock. Her website has some lovely artwork besides her varied animations. I would recommend her short Humpy Dumpty. It's made using the 3D software, Maya, which has provoked many admiring comments from our students.


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