Saturday, 10 February 2007

Hans Anderson

Time for my granddaughter and after story time I realise Flash can be used for all sorts of interactive games. Now I know what follows is for young children but the two of us liked it. The Emperor needs dressing up and you can do it here. Or you can discover the real princess. Hans Anderson's fairy tales provide a rich source of ideas for animation and art. Try this illustration from the original first edition by Edmund Dulac showing the princess attempting to sleep through the dreadful discomfort of the pea under the mattress (or in this case mattresses.) This latter link is to the colossal blog and resource for The International Animated Film Society to which I shall be returning at another date. If you want to read one of the stories,"The Little Matchgirl", and have a funny little wizard appear on your desktop in a disconcerting fashion click here.

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