Monday, 19 February 2007

Ishu Patel & Bead Game

Our Film of the Week 5 was the excellent “The Owl Who Married a Goose” by Caroline Leaf from 1974. It showed the obvious really that animators were working innovatively before the internet and the availability of cheap software allowed us all to become involved. I’ve returned to the National Film Board of Canada’s superb website to see some more of their imaginative films. Ishu Patel’s “Bead Game” produced in 1977 is one that I think warrants a plug, or bead. It starts off with a simple bead that splits into two, like cells. The divisions continue until they form animals, ever more sophisticated but each more lethal than the next. These devour the other and in turn are devoured. The animals become men and inevitably, given our invention of the atom bomb, the destruction becomes all the more great. With a background sound of simple percussion this superficially simple but relentless animation really impresses me and should act as a model for our students.

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