Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Ke Jiang & Robots

Our existing Movie of the Week 8 is by Sara Pocock and Ke Jiang. Following the link to Je's own website ( reveals the two working closely together on their animation work. There are several short animations here. His Elephant in Wonderland is a loop, a procession of liquid animals and he has a sweet robot sitting on a bench, but this quickly turns into a kung fu extravaganza as a young female turns the tables on her attackers. His Bird and Girl is an interesting piece where the girl kills the bird with a catapult but then gets pulled into an odd world of robots and game-play. His Smoker Not for Kids is a gruesome short, though I can see the need for hard-hitting shorts like this given the subject matter. The site also has several links to Je's other work, including interactive animations.
The Controlled Test dominates our students in year 11 at this time. They have two choices. One is "Persian Carpet", the other " Mobius Strip". They have fourteen hours to complete the animation. This is not long given that ideas go astray, mistakes are made, technical problems manifest themselves. I like the approach adopted by Jonathan Scott and Anthony Smith, with their free moving style. This is time-consuming to do, relying on frame-by-frame animation, but very effective. From my 11 3 group , Rick Harris' Big Dipper, Rory Bland's Toy Train, Gareth Hustler's Mammoth and the innovative Mark Bennicke's Asteroid are all worth a look.

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