Thursday, 22 February 2007

Sherlock Holmes & Uses of Shade

Very often our animations are rather two-dimensional. Flash lends itself to this at its most basic level. However our better students add elements of shade to give a depth to their work. Filters and liberal use of alpha, both excellent tools in the Flash armoury, allow something more than basic blocks of solid colour. Yesterday in Animation Club Peter Lawson from Year 9 handed in a short scene, Sherlock, that illustrates this perfectly. The sun casts shadows on all around it. Thus the chimney, gable wall and telegraph pole are sectioned by different shades giving a 3D effect and a far richer texture. Sherlock Holmes’ face too is broken up into three shades. Excellent work, Peter.

Steven Szollosi from Year 10 recommends the work of Jason Engle working presently in Florida. Steven likes the mystical nature of the art. I like the vampire!

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