Wednesday, 28 February 2007

studio aka & the World of Advertising

Following links up on web pages can lead to all sorts of untold riches. Marc Craste’s work for studio aka leads such to rare treats as the BBC2 animations emanating from the numeral 2. Alongside the Channel 4 electric pylons forming the rival numeral 4, this is one of the joys of television. There are other treats, Guinness (Bob Latimer), Eurostar (Mic Graves), Elastoplast (Mic Graves, again), BT (ditto), Hovis (Grant Orchard), Dyson (Philip Hunt), MTV Asia (Ben Bocquelet) or, my joint favourites, Children First (Marc Craste) and, because the music complements the animation so well, Onken (Heidi Wittlinger). These downloadable quicktime movies are clever pieces of commercial animation and there are all sorts of the nation’s greatest companies represented here. The client list reads like the top 100 companies. For goodness sake, it even has BBC Bitesize. (Marc Craste again!) Were I to be talented in art and 80 years younger this is the career I would aspire to – oh, and I’d have to be clever toq. Of course we also have clever students. I always felt that Stephanie Cleeves’ Controlled Test short, Fred’s First Flight, could have been used by Robin Hood Airport or suchlike, just add a logo or two. In the meantime you can even download studio aka’s flashy screensaver with the hint of interactivity or read an interesting synopsis of the brief plus technical detail such as this for Guinness. Advertising is such a ripe area for exploration. I am quite determined to base a unit of work on it, perhaps replacing “Change” or “Satire” for the current and incoming year 10. You heard it here first.

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