Saturday, 17 March 2007

Adam Phillips, Brackenwood, Bitey Castle

Adam Phillips’ Bitey Castle series in which Bitey takes on the whole world with a mixture of mischievousness and naivety is one of the delights of the internet. It is funny and stylish with a sophisticated mastery of the medium. We have already featured his first movie in the series as our Movie of the Week 11. The series now runs to about five distinctive episodes and the creator has even added his first Bitey game. He has created an alternative world of Brackenwood, of strange creatures with supernatural powers. The website is a stimulating place to browse. For example there are 30 funny shorts in the top right hand side. I like number 12 (beach) in which the sunbather gets burnt. Alternatively if you can’t find a dentist don’t do what the guy does for number 10, Sore Tooth. There’s more to the website though with a collection of short stories, a store where you can purchase a Brackenwood shirt with a silhouette of Bitey, together with a large collection of animated movies. Phillips is a talented man. There is a thoroughly professional quality about his work. It looks for all the world like a full studio at work and I can’t believe one person is so multi-talented both in animation and art. No wonder he is working on a movie and just wanting some film executive to come along.

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