Friday, 16 March 2007

Altoids sweets and games

The last thing I want to do for my students at this stage in their education, any stage in their education perhaps, is to recommend a games site. But this is no ordinary site. Its purpose is to sell Altoids to a US market or worldwide via Amazon. The origins for the products date as far back as the reign of King George 111 when the product was “perfected” by Smith & Company, a London confectionery firm. They sound faintly medicinal but are in fact sweets in a tin – you can buy different flavours such as spearmint and wintergreen. It is claimed they freshen the breath. The tins are lovely and highly collectable. I keep paperclips in one. On the first Monday of each month new content is added to the site. What an interesting content it is. I simply can’t explain it. There are dancers, acrobats, puppets, animated stories and a heady mix of arcade games. The Flash games are unlike any I’ve encountered, at least in appearance. Most interestingly the digital backdrop to the site is purely theatre, and 19th century theatre at that, maybe even the travelling theatre groups who toured the USA in bygone days. If you want to control the Amazing Bend-o whose every limb you can control, or see the Ginger and Tinny marionettes dance on stage, visit the Altoids Sitemap.

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