Saturday, 3 March 2007

Amy Winfrey (1)

It is fair to say that when I first showed Bluebirds in Spring to my largely male group of students in 2001 the class was not impressed. I made it the subject of our Movie of the Week 9. The class simply had not seen enough interminable (another for the word-search, class) French films about love. Well neither had I but I at least appreciated Amy Winfrey’s parody of the style. Her thesis for her graduation at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2000 was her series of twelve films about muffins. Having been greeted by at best a pretence of interest I remember I pointed out the clever use of the muffin tray with twelve buttons masquerading in the form of muffins and this created an interest in a way that eventually resulted in such as this by Matthew Howard. The class did appreciate Hungry, but who wouldn’t, given that the little girl is eaten by a giant ….Well you can guess. Personally I like UFM (Unidentified Flying Muffins). Whatever your likes or dislikes, you’ve got to admire the clever pre-loaders, they are varied and funny. And if you want a scare, Beware. You can see all twelve animations or muffins and the famous tray at MuffinFilms. Each of the films is quite simple. However Amy’s variation in styles is novel. Of key importance is her use of the characters’ voices, a feature that was to play a big part in her greatest success. So tomorrow I will continue the tale of Amy Winfrey and show how one woman’s witty and skilled use of Flash can make her fortune and even allow her to purchase a castle in Bulgaria should she so choose.

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