Sunday, 4 March 2007

Amy Winfrey (2)

If you are very talented and beaver away at an inspirational idea success will come. Amy Winfrey has proven this with her series Making Fiends. This is not a misspelling. Her series is about two girls and all sorts of other characters, usually terrifying but containing amongst others, the mild mannered male teacher, Mr Milk, who bears an uncanny resemblance to me, Grudge the giant hamster and Giant Kitty who is, well, giant. Vendetta makes fiends and Charlotte makes friends, except, that is, for Vendetta who spends most of her time conjuring up monsters that will snip, miniaturise or simply devour Charlotte (and her classmates.) Vendetta speaks in a Bulgarian accent and in one wonderful April Fool’s episode (17) the voices are in Bulgarian, except that the English subtitles are badly translated, which is probably an oversight on the animator’s part. Charlotte is such a sweet girl and thinks the best of everyone including Vendetta. This is the source of the humour. Which episodes to recommend? Well, episode 3 shows that Winfrey was recommending vegetables for school meals way before Jamie Oliver, and you also get a vegetable song, because there is always a song. However you’d better start at the very beginning, because it’s a very good place to start, and you get to meet the main characters. There’s no let up in the quality of the series and Winfrey’s many fans have watched them all. The episodes stop at 21 which is a shame. However, she is currently making a series of half hour episodes for Nickelodeon, which is where the potential financial success and castle in Bulgaria come from. There’s precious little to add save to point out that Winfrey worked on the first fifteen episodes of South Park, the fact that humour pervades her site in all sorts of ways and that there is a galley of the winning pictures for her 2006 Fiendish Winners here:
I love her work. It is equally as fine as anything on television and shows just what the internet can provide in entertainment.

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