Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Carlos Villarreal Kwasek & Yuko Murakami

Climber by Carlos Villarreal Kwasek, was/is soon to be our first movie of the week from Vancouver Film School. The movie is showcased on their site as one of a number of outstanding 3D animations. It is compelling. The climber fights for his life on a vertical summit of ice and rock. At any moment he looks like he will fall. Then he truly has to confront his demon to survive. Then I also watched Pekoe by Yuko Murakami. This is very different in style and content. Set in a clockmaker’s workshop the young Pekoe works away unaware of the passage of time. Then the light goes out and the young lad has to wind up the mechanism by moonlight. This is an exquisite, magical movie: our next animation of the week. If Vancouver is turning out work of this quality it is no wonder the country produces such a wealth of animation. Breathtaking stuff and I shall return to look at other work. And look out for the two animators’ names. They will make a name for themselves. Two superb animations for my birthday.

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