Thursday, 22 March 2007

Chris Beintema imageflood

Chris Beintema became the first animator to be featured twice as our Movie of the Week. His “Urban Sprawl” and then “The Lonely Barber” were very contrasting in content but similar in quality. Urban Sprawl tells a story of the growth of the city (well obviously) in which our hero plants some box of electric tricks outside his wooden hut. He then watches in disbelief and then panic as the box sprouts an earthquake of huge scale. The creator is a Frankenstein and the grey monster a city. Chris' The Lonely Barber is lighter in tone as the hairdresser decides his bald head needs a little dressing if he is to prove attractive to his female date. But surely there is no need to worry, barbers have lots of raw material strewn around for covering up such things. I love the barber's voice. Earlier this month Chris released on his blog a new movie, and invited comment. And it's our barber again, though this time with a very different voice and having a bit of a rant. I have a number of students now who are very interested in 3D work and I am just going to have arrange a visit to a university department for them In the meantime here is a demonstration rig Chris has produced to show how a figure can be manipulated. It is as good an example of the technology as I have seen and will be sure to trigger more interest here in school. Chris' website Imageflood ( is worth visiting as is his blog. He has some very nice artwork posted.
Meanwhile Joanna Davidovich has agreed to be interviewed by Laura Ballinger, Stefan Gruber by Liam Oades, and this very morning Nicola Bland received a most detailed response to her questions by none other than Billy Blob whose Karma Ghost is one of our most popular animations now that, because of a change in the scheme of work, our students need no longer write about it!

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