Thursday, 8 March 2007

Hsin-Chian Huang

I am very keen on websites where artists work at the frontiers of their world, where there is a mixture of all sorts of experimental art projects. The Taiwan animator, Hsin-Chian Huang, is just such an artist. His work challenges us. He has a background in the games world, working for part of his life as art director for Sega and Sony. I don’t know how to describe his website Storynest. First of all it has some of Hsin-Chian’s stories incorporated within a flash framework with delicate falling leaves and a button in the form of a sliding control that reveals the story. Try Gorilla ( for example. Prefer video? Try Raising Intentions without Abiding Anywhere. Here a man sits at a table and traces animated patterns with his hand. I don’t pretend to understand it but it is peaceful. He has some arresting net art. Try his Rain - - click on the screen and cause a storm, actually it’s not that, more of a sprinkling of water accompanied by the melodic sound of chimes. A Butterfly Dream- ttp:// - has floating chairs; Rose ( has a rose that responds to your mouse movements and a keyboard to create sound. Perhaps the greatest single piece of work, and it’s probably going to be our next Movie of the Week, is his Overwritten: This riveting and complex animation puts together a series of moving images, some of them abstract, some other-worldly, and some, like the jester/forest/flying fish, are recognisable. The music is by Laurie Anderson. This is a complex website and a showcase for an artist with so much talent it’s quite breathtaking.

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