Sunday, 18 March 2007

Interviewing the animators

Our new feature in which our students interview animators is gathering pace. Those who have responded have given generously of their time. We started with Naoki Mitsusi and that has set a standard for the others to follow. I have asked our students to make their questions ever more detailed. Thus the questions posed in two interviews to be posted next week - Brian Moore and Sara Pocock - are full of detail and our guests rose to the occasion. Naoki established a new tradition when he responded to my request to send in some sort of self-portrait. Brian and Sara have also done this. We could build up quite a collection. The website is being revamped a little so there may be a slight delay in uploading the images. Brian's interview will be posted here tomorrow. Other interviews are in the pipeline and our students are keen to extend them further. We are very pleased with the information and insight we obtain from them.
Flash-based websites can be spectacular and here is one from a small company in Hungary that’s better than most. Future Films is based in Budapest and its site has the wow factor, particularly in full screen mode. Compare their old site with the new to appreciate the advances the web designers have made. This is an impressive shop window for their products. Liam Oades recommends these animations - and The first highlights the difficulty of finding a plumber nowadays; the second has Death going about his business accompanied by a cat. Neither qualify for “Movie of the Week” but they are fun.

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