Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Joanna Davidovich & Literate Americans

At a time when a large party of our own students has ventured out to the USA it is so nice to receive another stunningly intelligent and honest interview from America. This time Joanna Davidovich replied to Laura Ballinger's thoughtful questions. Laura sent them in the morning (our time) and Joanna replied that day. Young animators like Joanna are so inspiring to our own students. They provide role models and insight both. You can, by the way, follow the adventures of our explorers in Virginia through Josh Gooden's very accomplished website set up for the purpose:
Josh, if I remember correctly visited us last time.

Another animator who has got back to us is Stefan Gruber. By way of variety he communicated with Liam Oades via MSM. I'm promised the interview from Liam tomorrow. Both interviews will be posted here before the website due to our Easter break.

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