Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Lesley Keen & Peptone

Lesley Keen has provided us with one of the nicest and warmest animations for our Year 10 course. Her The Invitation has a delicious, gentle humour as the girl is invited to the party and then suffers a crisis of confidence as she surveys her wardrobe, trying on and discarding each garment in turn, responding to her imagination’s fears of being over/under/sideways dressed. The soft colours and easy, classy drawing, are combined with some light, upbeat music by Keith Hawley that is the perfect fit for the animation. The boys especially like dressing up Lizzie in the nicely interactive game that indirectly led to this exercise, Dress Up Blob, by one of our students in Animation Club. Lesley has, by the way, produced another bit of fun, when carrie met miranda met charlotte met samantha. Her site, debunko, has another interactive area for young children, Sookie, with a series of interactive activities, some of the very best and functional flash timepieces around, including the mystical lost in time, and other rather snazzy playpieces. But why did her cute new year’s greetings card stop at 2002? Surely 2003, 4, 5, 6 happened. These are questions we need to get our reporters searching for in our new feature of in–depth reports, about which much more soon. For now enjoy poppy and the hat and the other inhabitants of Lesley’s world. She is a very talented lady.
And I should point out that Keith Hawley has his own Glasgow based band, Peptone, producing a sound that is really nothing like the soundtrack to The Invitation but none the worse for that; I rather like them. Four edited, or shortened, tracks are the following:
Meanwhile, one class of my 10 students were working on the following scenes today: Natalie Wortley and her quickly produced reptile which I rather like, Josephine Fearn with her crying boy, Philip Harper and Cameron Ivey-Drayton working on a rather fresh rural scene, Stuart Hinchliffe and Lewis Allery using every colour known to man, and Geovanna Dodge with what is potentially going to be a cute animation if she gets the position of the characters more central on the stage and maybe just a dab of shimmering colour.

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