Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Little Red Plane & Games

Sadly I am unable to provide a link to today’s featured movie Little Red Plane produced and directed by Joey Jones and Wira Winata. It is a commercial concern and the winner of many awards all over the world. What is possible however is a look at the trailer and the stills. It is an exhilarating trailer, helped as the best movies are by a stirring soundtrack by Deon Vozov. It does its desired job: we want to see the film in full - well, I’ve contacted the producers. The subject is that of a seven year old boy whose imagination transforms a red bird into the little red plane of the title. You can see a reel of the titles the producers,, have just put out, showcasing their work in a blended package. Some of it looks very like game simulations. No problem here then as some of the best artists in animation work in games design. My son-in-law worked on Republic:The Revolution and is presently one of those completing Battalion Wars 2 for Kuju.

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