Sunday, 11 March 2007

Naoki & Elvis & Campbells & Joey

I discovered Mathew Campbell from Year 9 creating this stickman during Friday lunchtime. I normally hate twig figures but I have to admit this one is pretty good and could be developed further. His older brother Brendan managed to take the form to a different level with The Sky's the Limit. (
Talent runs in families so I guess Campbell Jnr will add flesh to the bones. Joey Jones from Little Red Plane fame has promised to send me a DVD of the full movie and, more importantly, answer the questions posed by his fans here in the UK. It is an award winning animation and Joey has gone on to other major things so look out for his interview in the next week or so. In the meantime:
However Naoki Mitsuse has already replied to Tom Henderson's queries and his interview will be posted next week. Naoki is a very fine flash animator. I love the world he creates. Tom has concentrated on the animations which gives me time to point to Naoki's astonishing recreations of my all time favourite, Elvis. No-one has got near him in song! And surely few have captured the legend so well on canvas. Look at Elvis hugging an elephant, though I'm not so sure about the banana. His posters are exuberant. Now I can see why Elvis features in the 2002 Joe’s Story sequence. You can enter the world via

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