Thursday, 1 March 2007

Naoki Mitsuse

When we first introduced animation here at South Axholme in 2001 I used the animations of Naoki Mitsuse to teach flash techniques. In particular we followed the adventures of Joe, the man who dressed up as a chimpanzee. Joe’s Story runs to five crime-ridden episodes and has a particular style about it. I remember we first discussed the use of movie clips and alpha to explain how to duplicate cars and create the sharp light of the shower. We learnt about creating different perspectives, producing colour schemes that did not use every colour in the swatch, and the importance of music to fill in the blanks in the animation and establish atmosphere. Naoki was very influential and still is. His Major Johnson series about a chimp in space runs for 10 episodes and I also like his Adieu in which the chimp family purchase a new piece of hardware from a famous manufacturer. Naoki has an inventive streak about him and a wry sense of humour. He also emailed me a year or so ago and that is always nice.
Take a look at another of our short scenes from the Controlled Test. This time it is Tom Robinson’s Man in a Kitchen. There is a lot of detail in the drawing given time restrictions. If you have rather more time on your hands try dressing up Mep courtesy of our old favourite of our students, Odd Todd:

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