Thursday, 29 March 2007

Odd scenes my students are working on right now

I'm pretty busy assessing all the final year animations at the moment. Some are brilliant, some less so, but I will post the best on the website after the Easter break. For now enjoy a few scenes being worked on today. Jack Whitmore has a bit of a problem with fitting his character into his clothes at the moment, Johnathan Wren simply had not got round to animating anything at the time I passed, Lewiss Needham was developing an old scene I’ve posted before, Stuart Hinchcliffe is working on a bright factory scene, the Scene Fashion is the odd one out because it's one of my year 11 movie clips from an outstanding Satire animation produced by Matthew Howard and Jonathan Scott, Richard Dickinson appears to be working on a mechanical wolf but it must have been partly off-stage when I asked for the clip and Michael Bramhald has given me a compendium of characters that presumably fit into the overall scheme of things somehow.

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