Friday, 30 March 2007

An Old Man Complains

Modelling themselves on their animation teacher, Jonathan Scott and Matthew Howard have produced An Old Man Complaining that is me "to a T". The couple also had to incorporate the examination board's requirement that they consider "past and present". Their stucture is a simple one. An old man compares past and present and finds the present worse; however the accompanying little vignettes show it was not so. Violent and daft they may but the scenes are well constructed and witty. The boys' experience shows the importance of backing up files. Their original movie got corrupted and they had to play around with the only remains they had - the swf files created when testing the movie. You'd not know this from the end product though. I have discovered the concept of satire is a difficult one for all members of the class to grasp. A lifetime ago I had to write a dissertation on Juvenalian satire based around Jonathan Swift and, amongst other works, his A Modest Proposal in which he advocates a rather drastic solution to starvation, poverty and the like. Jonathan and Matthew have not gone as far as Swift but their animation repays a view. And the fleeting newspaper references that whiz across the stage are really quite sophisticated.

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