Saturday, 10 March 2007

Reaction to "Making Fiends" from Year 7

Two of my year 7 pupils were very quick to email me a response to Making Fiends shown in class that morning - literally within the first hour of returning home for the weekend they had got onto their home computers. Tom Newbitt and Bethany Cooper (Tom was just first) loved the series. Bethany went into a little more detail, so here is her summary of the first four episodes:
"Amy Winfrey's "Making Fiends" is really good and funny. There are two main characters. One is called Vendetta, the other Charlotte. Vendetta is hard and tough. She is a bully. She is really mean to everyone, she makes really scary fiends. They are like monsters. Charlotte is really kind and can make friends with anyone. She is really kind to Vendetta. Vendetta is very mean to Charlotte when she brings her nasty inventions and gifts. Charlotte thinks it is really sweet of her giving her presents. She makes the nasty animals nice and kind.
There are some other characters such as Mr Milk the teacher. He is very scared of Vendetta so is the rest of the class. Mr Milk tries to teach the class but has to consult with Vendetta about the lessons. She just wants to go to recess. Vendetta has created a lot of fiends. Here are some of them. There is Grudge. He is a giant hamster, Giant Kitty, Snippy, Monkey, Sugar Cookie and even some singing vegetables. Charlotte tries to tame the giant kitty and she does until she says "bath" then the cat goes berserk. Vendetta takes the giant hamster to school everyday. For "Show and Tell" Charlotte took her small hamster and a sparkly rock. I thought the animations are really detailed, good and funny. I think there is a point to the animations that is to try and make friends with everyone, and also not to bully."
Harry Priest slept on it before sending the following observation:
"My favourite episode is the one with the vegetables. My favourite part of the episode is the scene where Charlotte is singing "We need more vegetables" and then Vendetta throws her juice carton at Charlotte, but Charlotte thinks she is being nice so she sings to the vegetables to calm them down, and the vegetables make their own choir of Charlotte's song."

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