Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Stefan Grubber "Big Gulp"

Stefan Gruber is a Seattle based artist whose medium is flash animation. His work is a bit like seeing some bright abstract piece of art burst into effervescent life; certainly the case in his featured animation on our Movies of the Week a while back. In his Big Gulp bright orange figures perform a series of metamorphoses, each one devouring the other in, well, gulps. His website has similar treats in store. I liked his Palace of Pity consisting of a flash presentation of his line drawings from the Piti Palace in Florence. His Starry Day isn’t bad either. This fluid movement of shapes is fascinating. So is the website with a rather underdone, subtle style about it. Stefan's work is brought to mind as one of our students, Liam Oades, is considering writing to Stefan to request an interview. It was Liam who introduced me in class to Stefan's other work.
I have a confession to make regarding the work of Ke Jiang. Reading through Sara Pocock's remarkably erudite interview to be posted shortly I realised that Sarah referred to her animation partner as "he" not "she", as I had inadvertently posted on 17th February. Sloppy research and an inability to tell my "she" from my "he" from my "Ke". I beg his pardon. Excellent work though by Ke and I've tracked back and corrected the earlier post. It's magic this blogging lark. Like George Orwell's historians rewriting the history for Oceania.

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