Friday, 2 March 2007

Steve Whitehouse & Abstract

Steve Whitehouse has just been made our New Movie of the Week 9. He is a prolific animator with a whole series, for example, of his Mr Man movies - there are 21 on his Site at the moment. They all have a variety of styles. His Japanese Cub (2001) is my favourite, although it is a trifle gory. Abstact is, well, different. You can read about him in two interviews for conducted by Aaran Simpson:
I like to introduce new vocabulary in the blog because it gives me a nice warm-up exercise when I teach my classes, so I'll introduce the word "quirky" and say Steve has a marvellously quirky sense of humour. The locations and mood of each animation are always distinctive. He's a great favourite of the students here and for for varying his style within a series he's practically numero uno.

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