Monday, 5 March 2007

Studio Soi, Elena Kats-Chermin, friendly fish and cows

Reading my newspaper the other day I saw this full page spread for Lloyds Bank with the unmistakable artwork of Marc Craste and studio aka in which a character holds a giant fish in a glass tank, the fish being as big as him. This is a second, shorter episode of the train journey with the fish having exactly the same skin tone as the man, and a not dissimilar mouth and eyes; they both gaze at each other as friends through the glass. It also features the train journeying through snow and some friendly cows. That feel-good factor is well and truly there. The UK studio collaborated with the German Studio Soi. There are some exquisite commercials presented here. Navigate their work section and select the moon on the top row. Judge this 17 second clip with a 3D castle coming into view, a 3D apple falling from a tree and a new moon being winched into the sky by a toytown machine. Alternatively click the winter penguin on the third row from the bottom for a similar clip with a floating house amid floating clouds, all in glorious 3D.
The lilting music for the Lloyds Bank commercial by Elena Kats-Chermin is perfect and it must be popular because this very morning one of our students, James Needham, entered the dining room singing his version in a perfect falsetto voice. James and others may be pleased to know that the music was written in 2003 for the ballet Wild Swans based on the Hans Christian Anderson story. This is why there such a fairytale atmosphere to the music and commercial for that matter. You can buy the CD here or there is a review by Jonathan Woolf here.

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