Thursday, 12 April 2007

Chris Watson (Lab Carpet)

In the practical examination students have 14 hours in which to complete an animation based on a given theme. Chris Watson chose "Persion Carpet" and came up with this novel means of connecting the scientist, mad or otherwise, with the rug. Many of our students opted to make their carpet quite magical but Chris takes an alternative view. His carpet is quite sane, insentient, it's just a rug. However the scientist has just created the secret of life itself, or something very like it. He methodically ticks off his planning sheet, spells "lily" incorrectly because scientists can't spell, and then complete with radiant test tube in hand marches off to who knows what. Well, certainly not me because that darn rug has got ruffled and the scientist isn't looking where he is going. This is very enjoyable, especially so as it was completed in an impossibly short period of time by just one student. Enjoy Lab Carpet.

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