Sunday, 15 April 2007

Cecilia Aranovich "Bignose"

As the owner of a not inconsiderable nose myself I am qualified to recommend Bignose by Cecilia Aranovich. This is an animation about the champion of all noses based on a poem by Francisco Quevedo:
To a man with a big nose
Once there was a man stuck to a nose,/it was a nose more marvellous than weird,/it was a nearly living web of tubes,/it was a swordfish with an awful beard,/it was a sundial doomed to face the shade,/an elephant that looked up to the sky,/it was a nose of hangman and of scribe,/Ovidius Naso nostrilled all awry,/it was the bowsprit of a mighty ship,/like Egypt's pyramid it pierced the sky,/it was of noses all of the twelve tribes;/it was in noseness truly infinite,/an archnose shudder, and a frightening mask,/a monstrous chilblain, purpley and fried./
[Francisco de Quevedo (1580-1645)]
Given the range and diversity of images, you can see the scope for Cecilia to develop her movie. She places her nose in a variety of exotic locations with art, humour and skill. The original music by Victor Alexeeff and a delightful narration by David Hunt perfectly complement the piece. No wonder it has done so very well in festivals and screenings. Cecilia is, or was, a student of Academy of Entertainment and Technology at Santa Monica College. They have an interesting showcase of their latest work here:

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