Monday, 30 April 2007

Eva Bennett "The Love Train"

Ironical that today I determine on introducing Eva Bennett's "The Love Train" only to discover that she was a student at Southampton Solent University, featured here on Friday as having a superb website to attract undergraduates. Her award winning movie is delicately drawn by hand and animated in 2D. It tells the story of a lonely dragon on a train journey to find a partner. It is a difficult journey through snow and ice. Luckily the carriage is pulled by one of those fine old steam engines, complete with roaring furnace. There are one or two potential romantic partners on the train but of course in times of hardship one has to turn to the staff for help. Though the landscape is frozen, the dragon's heart is still warm. This is a feel-good movie set in a fantasy land but with a genuine story to tell for the real world. Some particularly fine music by Dez Kirkup complements the animation - the link takes you to his company website Sonisis. Here you can view and hear his impressive reel of his work. Eva's work can be viewed in its entirity at:
or the BBC:

One of the most touching movies I have seen in animation or film was Norah Twomey's animation about an Inuit fisherman and a drowned girl, From Darkness. We featured it as our Movie of the Week 32 last year. It is one of those movies that keeps the class in rapt attention and invites all sorts of comments about the meaning. It is therefore great news that Tom Robinson has obtained the promise of an interview and indeed, in characteristic fashion, sent Norah the questions by return. Tom himself is no mean animator and artist. Norah is busy with a major production at the moment but hopes to find time to reply mid-week.

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