Monday, 16 April 2007

Isaac Botkin "Men O’ War"

There do seem a lot of Botkins involved in the production of Men O’ War. It is very much a family affair with sisters and brothers enlisted for the production to great effect. This is a jolly tale of pirates on the high seas with lashings of sound effects of cutlasses, tide and seagulls. It's all very dashing and enjoyable. The visual effects of the sea and sun are particularly impressive. But an interesting element of the affair is the unofficial use of lego bricks for everything from ship to island. Personally I can't see why Lego did not make the whole affair official because it certainly advertises their iconic product. The movie certainly impressed the company NewTek whose own product Lightwave 3D is used by Isaac to such good effect. The company published a very detailed and liberally illustrated profile of Isaac in February of this year -
In the interview we learn that Isaac has set up a production company with his brothers. This is a fun animation, beautifully produced. I have shown it to my classes in the past and it has been well received. Isaac also publishes an informative blog:
It has lots of links to other sites that have attracted Isaac's lively interest. And praise too for the highly informative information about the making of the movie that Isaac has posted on his website.

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