Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Jakub Dvorsky

Jakub Dvorsky was highlighted on our website for “Plantage”, a beautiful conjunction of photography and animation.I suppose I expected more of the same from his website Instead there is a variety of animations including na tu svatbu, a whacky musical video for the Czech band Kamil Jasmin. The music has the sort of appeal Tyrolean oompa oompa bands have on holiday. The lively animation celebrates drinking I think, certainly there is a lot of it. Psyride is more electronic and the music, if not necessarily the visuals, are more to my taste. The movie progresses with a strident beat, traffic lights and geometric shapes. What I enjoyed most is the shortest piece, Nusle, that seems to celebrate a crime spree in the middle of the city. I like the drawing style here very much. Jakub and his partner Vladav Blin create some wonderful games of which Samarost2 is addictive and well crafted with a great soundtrack. It has won awards. The company designs websites and their creation for Blanka Sperkova is tastefully done. Do give Plantage a view though; it is something special.

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