Friday, 20 April 2007

Jonathan Wood "Hurry Home"

"Hurry Home" is a spectacular evocation of the 1940s and 50s shown on the website for London based Sumo Dojo Productions. The company showcases excellent work for Anchor Butter and McVities, as well as promo's for Big Brother. However what most catches my attention is a glorious four minute extravaganza starting and finishing in New York. You get a whole series of emblematic images of the time, particularly in America with the San Francisco bridge, an elevator and the US Mail van, but it also embraces the Trans-Siberian railway, ocean liners and a little Italian scooter. This last image emerges towards a finale racing against train, aeroplane, van and liner. The colours are a kind of sunset orange with black that is redolent of the age. The music is fabulous too featuring the creator Jonathan Wood, together with original music from Katz Kiely & The Brothers Devout. The BBC film network provide some information about Jonathan here. I am delighted that Jonathan comes from my home county, Cumbria. In fact his animation won the Best Student Animation North East & The Border Centre, RTS AWARDS 2005. You can see Jonathan's animation in full at the Sumo Dojo site in their 3D portfolio.
Tomorrow I will focus on another in the Sumo Dojo stable, Mike Lansdell and a lovely 2D animation.

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