Friday, 13 April 2007

Kurt Vonnegut & Peter Brookes

Kurt Vonnegut’s orbituary was in The Times today. There is also a moving picture of an empty cage replacing his normal website: I read his novels as a youngster. At a time when I read everything science fictionish I thought Cat's Cradle was so clever.

Peter Brookes has featured before in this blog and the animation coursework. He is a brilliant artist and a magician when it comes to lampooning politicians. In The Times own words:
"Peter Brookes is the British Press Awards Cartoonist of the Year and Political Cartoonist of the Year with a body of work puncturing the pomposity of politicians." Today's cartoon is a case in point. Mr Bean and David Milliband. Who else would have made the connection? Actually the latter visited the school a year or so ago, was utterly charming and interested in our work, and was much taller than Rowan Atkinson. And for those whose knowledge of British politics is a bit sparse, I need to point out that David Milliband is a government minister whom many consider to be a future prime minister though some would have him attain the position rather earlier than he himself is presently inclined to do.

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