Saturday, 7 April 2007

Me(n)tal Flesh, Madmesh Asylum & The ogre, the wolf and the little girl

Me(n)tal Flesh from Peter Hertzberg is a gripping 3D college piece about a journey of an android or robot. The figure meets with various creatures on his journey but never more tellingly than his spectacular encounter with a mechnical hydra. There's a rhythmic, electronic soundtrack and it's suitably experimental and futuristic. I'm not too sure about the philosophical bit on the end. I viewed it after looking at the spendid blender site - - and specifically at their 2007 Festival. I also liked the similar looking Madmesh Asylum by Niels Philipsen which is also in black and white, also fantastic and surreal with a touch of humour so it doesn't take itself too seriously. If it's colour you are after and a French lesson try Laurent Tagyn's The ogre, the wolf and the little girl which is really a multi-coloured version of the puzzle about how to get chickens and a fox across a river in a small boat. Once as a boy scout I had to work this puzzle out for real, or something as real as we ever attempted in the scouts.

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