Saturday, 21 April 2007

Mike Lansdell "The Boy With The Hole In His Head"

The Boy With The Hole In His Head is a powerful and stylish 2D animated film made by Mike Lansdell in 2004. He is 24 years of age and from Bristol. The 3 minute movie commences with the birth of a child, quickly discarded due to a problem explained in the title, but rescued by a furry friend and then made whole again in an unexpected way. It is artistically drawn in shades of grey. Mike has won several awards for this animation and one can see why he has been recruited by Sumo Dojo Productions. His movie can be viewed via the website in the 2D section of the portfolio. This will certainly be one of our next movies of the week because we can learn so much from it.
Today I received Jonathan Wren's interview with the very talented and funny Alex Salsberg. It is so rewarding to read such articulate and honest replies to our questions. We will publish the interview both here and on our website.

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