Saturday, 28 April 2007

Pippa Leuchars "Global Warning"

We have just posted up several of our new animations on the website. Having spent time trailing around for animations worldwide I am quietly pleased with our progress. I chose to lead this post with a lovely piece, Global Warning, by Pippa Leuchars. It is, as the title just manages to suggest, a satire on global warming and beautifully composed. It's so refreshing when a student has this degree of poise and originality. Perhaps it is time to enter some of our work for competitions. See what you think of Mobius by Carl Drayton. Produced in 14 hours flat it takes some beating given the time. Some delicate drawing, sophisticated use of the library, and an underwhelming website description I fear. He's another of our talented students!
Tomorrow I shall be posting our interview with Isaac Botkin and this very day David Bokser, whose "The Old Man and the Fish" has so impressed us, has agreed to a Sam Rawson interview. Another talented student.

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