Thursday, 26 April 2007

Time, television and scenes

Time to update on what our students are currently engaged in. Year 11 are now complete with their coursework and it's time for projects. Two may be of interest. Mark Bennicke has created a calendar and timepiece that gives you the time providing what you have on your computer is correct. Jonathan Scott is working on an interactive television set we intend to place on our site. The channels will be year 9 scenes that impress us. Channels 1 and 2 have scenes added just to try it out. Jonathan's working on a preloader as I type this. Both these projects are sophisticated uses of Flash. Year 10s continue to impress. Here are a few scenes individuals were working on this morning. Lewiss Needham has a nice city scene with rain and motorcyclist, Michael Bramhald has his workers beavering away in the bowels of something or other, Nicola Bland enjoys sweets so much she animates them, Patrick McArthur and Frankie Newton are hunting, Sam Rawson's gate opens all by itself, Jack Whitmore's Egptian is out of breath, Connor Adams' hero has developed something of a split personality, Alec Brown's laboratory is pumping away and, finally, Liam Oades is having a technical problem with his planet as too many technical effects make the swf file slow down. Work in progress but I'm very proud of all my students at the moment.

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