Monday, 9 April 2007

Two Rivers Films - a commercial break

Much of our television advertising is in the form of animated shorts. Some of these adverts are hugely inventive and stylish. You can advertise a product and retain your artistic integrity. Today a commercial break during Five News led to my search for the latest Strepsils commercial and from there to Two Rivers Films, a UK company formed in 1992. I was unable to discover the most recent commercial but I remember this pretty well - sharp. Using imagery as potent as barbed wire, spikes, thorns, mountain streams and sunrise the commercial communicates its point remarkably effectively. There is a fine animation for Sunbeam electric blankets, the "blanket with a brain" and also a fruchte bombe sensation, "streetball". The lead animators for these are, in order, Geoff Pedder, Roger Mainwood, and, finally, David Parvin/Roger Mainwood. I also greatly enjoyed their "other stuff", notably a gorgeous digital sunset by David Parvin and what is an amazing recreation of a Wellington Bomber by David Parvin and Lubo Hristov. David modelled the bomber using Alias Power Animator. It is so life-like it could have been contemporary footage. Parents often ask me where learning to create animations may lead to. I really have no idea. I have covered television commercials before in the blog and am presently considering changing our scheme of work to cover the industry.

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