Sunday, 13 May 2007

"Gnaritas Monstrum" by Seth Kendall

The 2007 West Virginia Flash Festival was judged some two weeks ago and it is interesting to view some of their winning entries. For instance Brandon Cornwall won the First place “Dramatic Short” with a piece about the Middle East. It has an imaginative opening and some good technical effects, though essentially it is simply produced. I liked the rounded style of the cities and the background sky, which has a lovely watercolour blue and white. I’m not sure about blobs with eyes though for the various figures shooting at each other. I actually preferred the runner-up, Ashley Williams with her “Daddy’s Girl”. It was a touching tribute to her father. The narration, music and singing were done by her friend, Megan Edison. Jessica Hill from Millersville University has a mini car touring the sights of London. It won the “Comedy Short” and $100 though in truth it had rather too many traced bitmaps for my total liking. Still it’s obvious Jessica had been sight-seeing to Stonehenge, Windsor and the like. Seth Kendall from Drexel University won best in festival with Gnaritas Monstrum, a judgement I entirely agree with. It was original and is well in advance of any other movie in the festival. Drawn in black and white silhouettes it has a fluidity to it. Two children suffer a calamity from which a solitary adult emerges. Just maybe one child has a learning experience from which a chastened adult emerges. I was so impressed it will become our next "Movie of the Week". It’s a shame they don’t have an international section because I would like to enter some of our own work. Virginia is a wonderful place as many of our students, past and present, can testify. You can see all the winners here - 2007 West Virginia Flash Animation Festival.

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