Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Adam Swaab "Icarus"

The story of "Icarus" is a famous one because it seems to encapsulate all those concerns about men and women who aim too high, move too fast, attempt too much - and then come down to earth with a bang. The ancient Greeks knew a thing or two about mankind challenging the Gods. Adam Swaab's Icarus is a high tech version of the myth set within an intricately illustrated manuscript. Pages turn and our hero is a supercharged robot soaring into the heavens. Or to be exact the child falls to the sea, the inventor and father to the earth in a ball of flames. They meet up again in another rather heated world however. The classy artwork is both literal and figurative. Adam works for the Californian based Blur. Enjoy their latest impressive Animation Reel and other work including Stuntsman which I just guess will appeal to many of my students.

Sam Rawson's interview with David Bokser will be featured here tomorrow. David is another of our correspondents who has spent time and thought on his replies to some thoughtful, even searching questions. It is an interesting read.

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