Saturday, 12 May 2007

"Angle Mort" by Jordan Cirera, Bérenger Dalle-Cort and Pascal Han--Kwan

It is a wet and miserable day so it is time for a ghost story. A French one. It is a wet night and a mad eyed traveller enters a bar. The room is almost empty but there is always the barman and the solitary drinker at the counter to listen to his tale of the ghostly girl he gives a lift to. Maybe the driver should have listened to the girl's plea not to travel to the crossroads. And who is the figure lurking in the shadows of the bar behind the smoke? If you are unable to master the French there are subtitles. Angle Mort was produced by Jordan Cirera, Bérenger Dalle-Cort and Pascal Han--Kwan for their 3D examinations and took 3 months in pre-production and 5 months for production. Well it was worth it because the animation and atmosphere are fantastic, and even if the story is a little hackneyed so are many horror films, that being their attraction. Lovely. Their website has information and screenshots. I have seen quite a few French animations from students lately and the standard is superb.
Joanna Davidovich contacted me yesterday to say that she had just completed her animation for "Touch Me I'm Karen Taylor" that will be airing soon on our own BBC. Joanna was very busy on the commission when she allowed us to interview her a while back so she deserves success. Karen Taylor is an up and coming comic talent here in the UK after her appearances in ITV's hit comedy "The Sketch Show". You can see and listen here to Karen. It is quite a coup for Joanna to be selected.

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