Friday, 25 May 2007

Bill Plympton "Don't Download This Song" & Till Nowak

Here is a warning to all those who illegally download songs from the internet. The satirical songwriter and artist Weird Al Yankovic produces a quite gruesome song, "Don't Download This Song" in the style of an awful lot of dreadfully repetitious charity songs. Of course you can download the music quite freely if you are so minded at the artist’s myspace page. I admire the lyrics and wit on display here but don't have to enjoy the music. Enough of that. The link is to an excellent video by Bill Plympton that accompanies the song. Bill Plympton is well known with a track record in various forms of film-making; here he has a clever cartoon style that shows the lengths the music industry will go to in order to track you down, imprison you, fire bullets, tanks shells, blow you up, and so on - if you download their music through file-sharing sites. It is funny, imaginative and the work of a very talented cartoonist and wit.
Till Nowak sent me a copy of his newly (and beautifully) packaged DVD of Delivery. It is 40 minutes in length, ridiculously cheap at less than £10 including postage, and one of the best teaching resources it is possible to buy. In those 40 minutes it teaches more about the craft of 3d animation than anything else I have seen or read. Buy it.
Finally, Emily Squires from Stanground College in Peterborough has been in contact with me about our animations course. The mathematics department of which she is a member has created superb, professional quality Flash resources. Look particularly at the starters and puzzles:

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