Thursday, 31 May 2007

Coca-Cola Animated Commercials & Till Nowak and Aidan Gibbons

I should watch tv more. I had no idea just how many good animation commercials have been created for this sugared drink. However they are very good. For example I think this one is current and shows just what occurs when the man rolls his coin into the vending machine. I love it when an animator creates a busy alternative world. It's what animation is all about. However I also like the quirky humour of goal. But most of all I think I like the Christmas Party Coca Cola Advert. With the cute polar bears. Coca-Cola has been removed from our school canteen but the legend lives on.
I have had two marvellous interviews sent to me in the last two days: Till Nowak and Aidan Gibbons. Both have produced animations that simply take the breath away. Till's "Delivery" was spectacular beyond belief and Aidan's "The Piano" was so sad and moving. They are both remarkably honest in their responses. I will post both in the next day or so. Thanks to them. Responding to an interview takes up their valuable time and we are so grateful.

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