Thursday, 24 May 2007

Darren Price “Potapych, The Bear Who Loved Vodka”

“Potapych, The Bear Who Loved Vodka” has just won the “Best 3-D Professional Animation” at the 2007 Red Stick International Animation Festival based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is certainly professional and was shown on our own Channel 4 recently. It tells the story of a Russian bear who likes the taste of vodka so much he launches himself on a non-stop partying binge. Of course, being a school site we most certainly do not advocate alcohol and Darren Price's movie naturally enough demonstrates the dangers of alcoholism without ever taking itself or the subject too seriously. A team was assembled to make the movie and an excellent account of the process is available via the link (Studio Daily Animation Commentary: Darren Price on Drunken Bears and Cinematic Bunnies). Darren although from Australia works in London as head of 3D at Nexus Productions about which I posted recently. Interesting to know he has been involved in their Honda commercial for Smith & Foulkes, a campaign that persuaded me to spend some money a while back. However I also very much like this for the Transport Express Régional in which he features rather a lot of very fast cheetahs. Darren has talent in abundance.

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