Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Greg Gunn, Casey Hunt & Reza Rasoli "Humans" & "Samurai"

Greg Gunn, Casey Hunt & Reza Rasoli together comprise “Three Legged Legs”, a newly formed production company from St. Santa Monica, CA. Although it is only short (1 minute) and produced in their final year at college, their ecological documentary "Humans" is a jolly affair, with diagrams and a bloodthirsty race spoiling, indeed slaughtering, the planet. Their website is whimsical although nevertheless slickly professional, showcasing some excellent material of varied styles. I also viewed "Samurai", equally as good a movie with the same sense of humour and some delicious and atmospheric backgrounds. In this movie our hero is saved from immediate execution on condition he completes a seemingly impossible task alongside some quite specific restriction that he seems to ignore, or does he?

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