Sunday, 20 May 2007

Hermes Mangialardo "Blow"

It's about time I suggested a Flash movie. The Italian Hermes Mangialardo's "Blow" is a striking music video drawn in black and white, with a towering giant raging at life and the world in general. I've actually read different summaries of what it all means but I'm not sure I understand them. Whatever, I like the lead singer's strong vocal (and strong lyrics!) from the band Add N To (X) ( with its pounding rhythm, complemented by the strong imagery from Hermes. You can view this and his other excellent work at Hermes' site "Victims" for example is very short but nonetheless a hard hitting reminder of the victims of war with photographs of what I imagine are those murdered in Cambodia; whilst Words World features the Italian band Archivio and a characteristically bold and again black and white presentation of words and letters.

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