Friday, 18 May 2007

Hurt's "Rapture", Jeff Timmins & Justin Lee

Another music video post today. This time it is Hurt's Rapture, a music video from Coffee Cup Studios in Toronto. The animation is spectacular enough but what makes it particularly interesting for me is the information about the process of its creation available through two blogs: Jeff Timmins ( and Justin Lee ( Here are two superbly talented professionals at work. One of Jeff Timmins' current projects is particularly interesting and one I will track as it progresses. It is a fable about a child cancer victim; you can read about it in his March 6th post - The Long Journey Home. The drawings for it are very distinctive. Coffee Cup by the way has some amazing work on their treasure-trove of a website including this piece for Film on Four and this stirring introduction to the Toronto Short Film Festival. This latter piece will provide a model for our own animated commercials due to commence in two weeks' time.