Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Joris Clerté "Ce que je suis" et “A tort ou a raison”

A popular choice as movie of the week was Joris Clerté’s "Ce que je suis", a musical video for the French band “Holden”. Joris worked with Philippe Massonnet and Emmanuel Linderer. Sometimes the nationality of the creators shines through, albeit the music is a bit of a give away! Here it is not only the images of French life and landscape but something of "la joie de vivre"; no it's hardly that but I do know the phrase. The girl in the animation seems to be having a hard time of it: C'est une période de crise. Everyone she meets is cast under her own little dark cloud. Still she perseveres and the result is an utterly charming movie to complement a charming song. Another of Joris’ music videos is “A tort ou a raison”, again a charmer for another French band “Prudence”.

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