Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Lauren Indovina & Lindsey Mayer-Beug "Fish Heads Fugue"

At approximately the same time as Eva Bennett was producing her animation featured yesterday, Lauren Indovina & Lindsey Mayer-Beug were working on an entirely different movie at Rhode Island School of Design, "Fish Heads Fugue and other Tales for Twilight". They use a whole raft of different methods of animation including computer based work, cut-outs and hand held puppets. It is difficult to recount the story. Imagine Alice in Wonderland was set in a a decrepid theatre full of mechanical winching machinery, stage flats and properties, and revolving stage devices that twist and turn, not without a few groans from the machinery. Imagine this was peopled by grotesque characters who might just possibly be puppets or puppet masters, and an innocent young girl who may be a victim. And imagine this whole thing was directed by Terry Gilliam. Imagine all this and you might prepare yourself for a theatrical animated feast. You can view the movie at AnimWatch.

Two further interviews are pending and they are both exciting events. Yesterday Till Nowak agreed to be interviewed by James Cooper about his spectacular movie "Delivery"; this morning Dik Jarman agreed to Adam Fadra's request to be questioned about his utterly moving tribute to his father, "Dad's Clock". Both these movies have made a real impact on our students and they should hopefully stimulate some searching questions.

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