Tuesday, 22 May 2007

New Year 10/11 Course - TV Commercial

From half term we commence a new animation and back-up written work. The examination board AQA stipulates that we cover "Past and Present". Our freedom is to choose a precise subject that fits into the overall theme. Therefore this year our students will produce a television commercial for a real or imagined product. There will be five pieces of written coursework to complete. These all cover the theme of past and present. Further details will be posted on our website but for now the five animations are:
  1. "The Piano" - Aidan Gibbons (“New Movie of the Week 22”)
  2. "From Darkness" - Norah Twomey (“Movie of the Week” (32))
  3. “The Incredible Journey” - Marc Craste (“New Movie of the Week 7”)
  4. "Little Red Plane" - Joey Jones & Wira Winata (Animation Blog 05 April 2007)
  5. "Delivery" - Till Novak (“Movie of the Week” (16))

Luckily four of the five animators have agreed to be interviewed by us and their replies will furnish us with lots of extra information. We are also contacting the fifth, Marc Craste, to see if he will participate. Additionally we will also be examining commercials from all around the globe to provide inspiration for our own projects. Deadline for completion is January 3rd 2008.

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